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First Avenue - 5 Light Chandelier

3845-66A Minka-Lavery®

First Avenue - 6 Light Island

3846-66A Minka-Lavery®

First Avenue - 9 Light Chandelier

3849-66A Minka-Lavery®

Langen Square - 6 Light Chandelier

3856-756 Minka-Lavery®

Windward Passage - 8 Light Island Light

3860-695 Minka-Lavery®

Rawson Ridge - 1 Light Wall Sconce

3871-693 Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Wall Sconce

3881-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Wall Sconce

3882-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - Wall Sconce

3883-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Pendant

3885-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Pendant

3886-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Chandelier

3887-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - 36" LED Chandelier

3888-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Divinely - LED Island Light

3889-776-L Minka-Lavery®

Vernon Place - 6 Light Chandelier

3895-77 Minka-Lavery®

Vernon Place - 6 Light Island

3896-77 Minka-Lavery®

Vernon Place - 8 Light Chandelier

3898-77 Minka-Lavery®

Averton - LED Bath Light

390-1-66A-L Minka-Lavery®

Averton - LED Bath Light

390-2-66A-L Minka-Lavery®

Eden Valley - 5 Light Pendant / Semi Flush

3905-107 Minka-Lavery®

Titan's Trace - 2 Light Mini Pendant

3912-707A Minka-Lavery®

Titan's Trace - 4 Light Pendant

3914-707A Minka-Lavery®

Antonia- 1 Light Wall Sconce

4001-66A Minka-Lavery®

Antonia- 1 Light Wall Sconce

4001-84 Minka-Lavery®

Antonia- 2 Light Vanity

4002-66A Minka-Lavery®

Antonia - 2 Light Vanity

4002-84 Minka-Lavery®

Antonia- 3 Light Vanity

4003-66A Minka-Lavery®

Antonia- 3 Light Vanity

4003-84 Minka-Lavery®

Antonia - 4 Light Vanity

4004-66A Minka-Lavery®

Antonia - 4 Light Vanity

4004-84 Minka-Lavery®

Country Estates - 4 Light - 60W Candelabra Base

4012-280 Minka-Lavery®

Chassell - LED Wall Sconce

4020-679-L Minka-Lavery®

Chassell - 6 light Pendant

4026-679 Minka-Lavery®

Acacia - 1 Light Bath

4041-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 2 Light Bath

4042-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 3 Light Bath

4043-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 4 Light Bath

4044-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 4 Light Chandelier

4045-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 6 Light Chandelier

4046-84 Vantage®

Acacia - 8 Light Chandelier

4048-84 Vantage®

Haisley - 1 Light Pendant / Semi Flush

4090-66A Vantage®

Haisley - 1 Light Pendant / Semi Flush

4090-84 Vantage®

Haisley - 1 Light Wall Sconce

4091-66A Vantage®

Haisley - 1 Light Bath

4091-84 Vantage®

Haisley - 2 Light Bath

4092-84 Vantage®

Haisley - 3 Light Bath

4093-66A Vantage®

Haisley - 3 Light Bath

4093-84 Vantage®

Haisley - 4 Light Bath

4094-66A Vantage®

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  • Located inside the canopy
  • Backside of the back plate
  • The instruction manual
  • Box that the Fan was shipped in
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