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Wand - LED Mini Pendant

P5409-691-L George Kovacs®

Alluria ll - 3 Light Pendant

P5421-572 George Kovacs®

Alluria ll - 5 Light Island

P5425-572 George Kovacs®

Astor - LED Mini Pendant, a Robin Baron Design

P5431-697-L George Kovacs®

Astor - LED Island, a Robin Baron Design

P5435-697-L George Kovacs®

Astor - 32" LED Chandelier, a Robin Baron Design

P5436-697-L George Kovacs®

Astor - 38" LED Chandelier, a Robin Baron Design

P5437-697-L George Kovacs®

Convolution - 31" LED Pendant

P5481-66A-L George Kovacs®

Convolution 36.75" LED Pendant in Coal Finish

P5482-66A-L George Kovacs®

Convolution - 36.25" LED Pendant

P5483-66A-L George Kovacs®

Structure - 5 Light LED Chandelier

P5490-172-L George Kovacs®

Structure - 2 Light LED Pendant

P5491-172-L George Kovacs®

Swivel - 4 Light LED Chandelier

P5494-084-L George Kovacs®

Swivel - 6 Light LED Chandelier

P5495-084-L George Kovacs®

Swivel - 8 Light LED Chandelier

P5496-084-L George Kovacs®

Archer - 24" LED Wall Sconce

P5501-691-L George Kovacs®

Archer - 18" LED Wall Sconce

P5502-691-L George Kovacs®

Grid™ - 3 Light Pendant

P5743-084 George Kovacs®

Grid™ - 4 Light Pendant

P5745-084 George Kovacs®

Grid™ - 1 Light Pendant

P5746-084 George Kovacs®

Mass Transit - 30" LED Pendant

P7872-420-L George Kovacs®

Mass Transit - 35" LED Pendant

P7876-420-L George Kovacs®

Mass Transit - 35" LED Pendant

P7879-420-L George Kovacs®

Discovery - LED Pendant

P8141-609-L George Kovacs®

Cosmet- 6 Light Chandelier

P8151-681 George Kovacs®

Cosmet - 8 Light Pendant

P8152-681 George Kovacs®

Cosmet - 6 Light Pendant

P8155-681 George Kovacs®

Roulette - 33.5" LED Pendant

P8173-670-L George Kovacs®

Snow Sprite - 26" LED Pendant

P8203-044B-L George Kovacs®

Snow Sprite - 33.5" LED Pendant

P8204-044B-L George Kovacs®

Hexacomb - LED Pendant

P8219-044B-L George Kovacs®

Flush Mount - 1 Light LED Flush Mount 

P842-044-L George Kovacs®

Flush Mount - 1 Light LED Flush Mount 

P842-647B-L George Kovacs®

Golden Eclipse - LED Mini Pendant

P932-688-L George Kovacs®

Golden Eclipse - LED Mini Pendant

P935-688-L George Kovacs®

First Encounter - One Light LED Flush Mount

P952-1-084-L George Kovacs®

First Encounter - One Light LED Flush Mount

P952-2-084-L George Kovacs®

Bezel Set - LED Flush Mount

P953-1-248-L George Kovacs®

Bezel Set - LED Flush Mount

P953-1-691-L George Kovacs®

Bezel Set - LED Flush Mount

P953-2-248-L George Kovacs®

Bezel Set - LED Flush Mount

P953-2-691-L George Kovacs®

Tauten 1 LED Flush Mount

P954-691-L George Kovacs®

Taunten 1 LED Flush Mount

P955-691-L George Kovacs®

Light Rain - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P971-084 George Kovacs®

Tube - LED Island

P1151-084-L George Kovacs®

Tidalist - LED Island Light

P1153-609-L George Kovacs®

Stake Out - LED Pendant

P1157-675-L George Kovacs®

Stake Out - LED Pendant

P1158-675-L George Kovacs®

Dots - 3 Light Pendant

P1266-084 George Kovacs®

Coastal Current - LED Semi Flush

P1302-655-L George Kovacs®

Sirato - Outdoor LED Wall Sconce/ Flush Mount

P1349-039-L George Kovacs®

Crystal Clear - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1401-613 George Kovacs®

Crystal Clear - 4 Light Pendant

P1404-613 George Kovacs®

Crystal Clear - 5 Light Island

P1405-613 George Kovacs®

Gradual - LED Pendant

P1410-600-L George Kovacs®

Silver Slice- LED Mini-Pendant

P1441-077-L George Kovacs®

Moonshot LED Mini Pendant

P1453-077-L George Kovacs®

Hover- 1 Light LED Pendant

P1781-044B-L George Kovacs®

Light Ray- LED Pendant Light

P1783-084-L George Kovacs®

Spiked – 6 Light 18" Pendant

P1791-077 George Kovacs®

Spiked - 4 Light Flush Mount

P1799-077 George Kovacs®

Spiked - 4 Light Flush Mount

P1799-416 George Kovacs®

Pontil - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1801-084 George Kovacs®

Pontil - 1 Light Mini Penant

P1801-248 George Kovacs®

Pontil - 6 Light Chandelier

P1806-248 George Kovacs®

Circuit - 4 Light Pendant

P1814-172 George Kovacs®

Conic - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1821-248 George Kovacs®

Conic - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1821-44F George Kovacs®

Conic - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1821-651 George Kovacs®

Conic - 5 Light Chandelier

P1825-248 George Kovacs®

Exposed - 1 Light Mini Pendant

P1840-077 George Kovacs®

Twist and Shout - LED Island

P1902-077-L George Kovacs®

Funnel Cloud- 1 Light Mini-Pendant

P20-077-L George Kovacs®

U.G.O. - 22.5" LED Flush Mount

P2012-655-L George Kovacs®

U.G.O. - 28.5" LED Flush Mount

P2013-655-L George Kovacs®

Knock Out- LED Flush Mount

P2015-044-L George Kovacs®

Press - LED Flush Mount

P2016-613-L George Kovacs®

Bottleneck- 1 Light LED Pendant

P22-077-L George Kovacs®

Double Take - 17.5" LED Pendant

P2264-084-L George Kovacs®

Double Take - 21.5" LED Pendant

P2265-084-L George Kovacs®

Double Take - 31.5" LED Pendant

P2266-084-L George Kovacs®

Double Take - 32" LED Island

P2267-084-L George Kovacs®

Bridge™ - 3 Light Pendant

P313-077 George Kovacs®

Double Barrel - LED Bath

P5331-613-L George Kovacs®

Wand - LED 3 Light Pan Pendant

P5400-691-L George Kovacs®

Sneer - 7 Light LED Pendant

P5402-718-L George Kovacs®

Wand - LED 6 Light Pan Pendant

P5404-691-L George Kovacs®

Arabesque - 8" LED Mini Pendant

P5460-884-L George Kovacs®

Arabesque - 9.25" LED Mini Pendant

P5461-884-L George Kovacs®

Arabesque - 11.25" LED Mini Pendant

P5462-884-L George Kovacs®

Arabesque - 11.25" LED Pan Pendant

P5463-884-L George Kovacs®

Halo – LED Mini Pendant

P5471-884-L George Kovacs®

Halo – LED Mini Pendant

P5472-884-L George Kovacs®

Halo – 3 Light LED Pan Pendant

P5473-884-L George Kovacs®

Halo – 6 Light LED Pan Pendant

P5474-884-L George Kovacs®

Grid – 3 Light Pendant

P5743-695 George Kovacs®

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